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    全年招聘公告 ∣ Job Opening

    時間:2019-05-08 09:24     來源:學院辦公室      點擊:


    Titles: Assistant, Associate and Full Professor



    Institution: The School of Finance, Renmin University of China



    Location: Beijing, China



    Discipline: Finance(including Insurance) and Public Finance



    Employment Type: Permanent Full-Time



    Posted: 2019-05, available long-term


    學校及學院概要∣ About us


    財政金融學院作為中國人民大學的建校院系之一,始終引領著中國財政金融學科的發展。自2002年開始,在教育部開展的四輪學科評估中,我院始終排名第一。學院學術研究氛圍濃厚,教師在American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Financial Economics,European Economic Review, JMCB, JIMF, JFQA, Review of Finance, Management Science等國際學術期刊發表論文百余篇。


    Renmin University of China (RUC) is established in 1937 as a key research university located in Beijing, renowed for its humanities and social sciences. RUC was among the very first universities selected into the “985 Project” and the “211 Project”,now is one of the top universities that participate in the constrcution plan of world-class universitites and first-class disciplines (“Double First-Class” Initiative) proposed by the country. According to China Discipline Ranking held by Ministry of Education of China in 2017, RUC has 9 disciplines ranking “A+”。

    The school of finance, as one of the founding schools of RUC, has made pioneering contribution to the development of Chinese financial policy research. Since 2002, the school has always been ranking at No.1 with renowed reputation according to China Discipline Ranking held by Ministry of Education of China, which makes itself leading the finance higher education in China. With strong atmosphere of academic research we have published more than one hundred academic papers in top international journals includingAmerican Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Financial Economics,European Economic Review, JMCB, JIMF, JFQA,Review of Finance, Management Science,etc.


    崗位概要∣ Position Summary



    The School of Finance at Renmin University of China is now inviting job applicants in the areas of Money and Finance, Banking and Finance, International Finance, Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Financial Enginerring, Consumer Finance, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Public Finance, Taxation, Insurance and Actuarial Science at all ranks (assistant/associate/full professors).


    應聘條件∣ Qualifications



    Applicants for junior positions should have a Ph.D on time when they graduate and show strong research interests and potentials. Senior candidates should have a Ph.D degree and excellent research records.


    薪酬待遇∣ Compensation



    The School of Finance offers highly competitive salary and benefit package, along with other benefits, including housing subsidies, research support and children education in affiliated kindergarten, primary and middle schools.


    應聘程序∣ Applicant Instructions



    Applicants should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, job market paper(s) and evidence of teaching effectiveness to fangkun3127@ruc.edu.cn. Please also arrange three reference letters to fangkun3127@ruc.edu.cn.